The “Spoon” lure has been around for generations upon generations of anglers. The reason they are still on the scene is simple, they produce results by producing fish catching results.

HOT TIGER  in action
HOT TIGER in action

Today’s well rounded, versatile recreational angler has learned something we at Xstream tackle has been well aware of for many years. That the age-old “spoon” lure is deadly when jigged vertically. Open water or through the ice vertically jigging a spoon can generate amazing, often incredible results!

SOLAR TIGER gets results
SOLAR TIGER gets results

At Xstream Tackle our goal is to design and produce industry-leading, innovative lures that produce greater results for you. So with this in mind, we reinvented the “spoon” lure by incorporating a “rattle” into the spoon, thus resulting in another industry-leading first!

We are excited and proud to introduce our next “hot” creation, the


Always remember when fishing our SONIC SPOON vertically, “expect the unexpected”, for that next strike could be the fish of a lifetime!


NEWS FLASH! - The innovative SONIC SPOON owned Lake Winnipeg's legendary walleye fishery this past winter. This news comes as no surprise to us, in fact, we expected it!  



From left to right:

Pink-A-Licious (super glow)
Electric perch (super glow)
Pink Tiger
Neon Shiner (super glow)
Purple Punch (super glow)


7.35 CAD


“If fish could OUTLAW them, they would”