The Lead head jig is the all-time, number one selling fishing lure in North America. No other style of fishing lure attracts and catches a greater variety of fish species than the lead head jig. They are mass-produced in a seemingly endless array of shapes, sizes and colours….


At Xstream Tackle, we’ve taken the lead head jig to a new and innovative new direction. In Just a few short years, our “Flasher-Tail” Jigs have created a monster buzz throughout fishing circles across the country. Their good looks not only appeal to foraging fish, but they also appeal to the fisherman who’s searching for the lure that will give him that extra edge. From top walleye and bass tournament professionals to the everyday angler who is simply looking for a better product, Xstream Tackle’s Flasher-Tail jigs are fast becoming the “year-round” go-to lure. A jig that produces results, time after time.

Quality workmanship and components. At Xstream Tackle, we have stopped at nothing to manufacture the perfect lead head jig. Quality workmanship and components have taken our products to the highest level in the industry. A level never witnessed before, past or present. Today’s angler has become ever demanding. Today’s recreational angler and tournament professional seek products that they can rely on.

Flashertail in action
Flashertail in action

At Xstream Tackle, our goal is to meet those demands. Nothing but the best available materials is used to manufacture our products. High-quality UV paints are applied to all our lures. This ensures our lures to have the highest visibility to those hungry fish. Superior clear coat protection is applied to every lure before it is packaged. A super clear coat finish ensures greater protection to the lures lustrous painted finish.

From Left to Right:

Purple Punch (Super Glow)
Pink Tiger 
Pink-A-Licious (Super Glow)
Dragon (Super Glow)
Hot Tiger

Getting results
Getting results



Qty: 3 flasher tail jigs per package

7.35 CAD


Products that will be sure to continue generating more excitement and demand throughout fishing circles everywhere!